Bond Security Technology Private Limited maintains a high standard of HSE and the motto is SAFETY FIRST.

The specific objectives are as under:

  • No accident, Friendly working atmosphere, and positive contribution for healthy environment
  • To place paramount emphasis on the prevention of accidents
  • Prompt accident notification, investigation, reporting and communication for remedial action for future prevention
  • The establishment and maintenance of a safe healthy and productive working environment
  • Best Hygiene Standards
  • Protection of property, equipment and material from down grading incidents
  • To leave the working place in better condition than previous

Code of Ethics for Security Personnel

  • Accept responsibilities and fulfill the obligations of the assigned role
  • Protect life and property, prevent and reduce crimes against my employer business
  • Upholdi ng the law and respect the constitution rise of all personnel
  • Conduct myself with honesty, dignity and adhered to highest moral principals in performance my security duties
  • To be faithful, diligent, dependable and discharging my duties uphold all the times the law, policies and procedure which protect the right of others
  • To be truthful without allowing the feelings prejudices animosities or friendship to influence my judgments
  • Report immediately to the superior of any violations of the law / regulation of the client
  • Protect the confidential information of the client beyond the term of the employment
  • To corporate with all recognized law enforcement agencies in matters with in their jurisdiction
  • Except no compensation, commission or other advantages without the knowledge in concept of my employer
  • Conduct myself professionally at all times so that it reflects credit upon myself, my employer and my private security
  • Strive continually to improve my knowledge by seeking training and educational opportunity which will prepar me better fo the performance of my duties

Voluntary Principles of Safety & Human rights (VPSHR)

1. Security Guards

Once the guards have been deployed, their presence is sufficient to deter any incident or crime In case the security force is an endangered, they can us the force under the following instructions

  • Respect of human rights
  • Persuade the offender first, and then use the force
  • Use minimum force to deter the danger
  • Use force within the ambit of legality
  • Inflict minimum possible damage to the opponent
  • Inform your superior immediately after use of force
  • Administer first aid to the causality and evacuate to the hospital immediately

2. Armed Security Guards

  • Instructions for use of weapon
  • Always try to use the minimum possible force
  • Use weapon under the dire necessity, when the life is in danger
  • Load the weapon only at the time of need
  • Always keep the weapon in safe position with safety catch on

3. Warnings

  • Always shout at the top of your voice to stop, in case you move further I will fire at you
  • The opponent his holding a weapons are dangerous
  • The opponent is either trying to through are paste the explosive
  • Trying to ram the vehicle into you

4. In case you carry out firing following instructions to be noted

  • Carry out aimed firing to stop the mob
  • Fire minimum possible bullets
  • Ensure no one else is wounded other then the person, who was under the aim
  • Always fire below the belt to incapacitate the offender

Our Services

  • Security Guards / Gun mans
  • Executive Protection / Close Protection
  • Escort Services
  • Event Protection
  • Investigations
  • Warehouse security
  • Mobile Patrolling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industrial security
  • Construction security
  • CIT

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