Success Factor

Better Trained and Security Cleared (Police & NADRA Verified) guards

  • Well paid and motivated Guards
  • Regular checking of guards by Intelligence Supervisor
  • Quality Equipment and Weapons
  • Reliable Communication System
  • We follow Client’s Security and Administrative Policy
  • Close Liaison and evaluation of service standard through our Client Relation Officer and Monitoring Team
  • Prompt & Positive response on complaints (Complaints are also recorded to follow up and resolve)
  • Control room operative 24 / 7 (Verbal and E-mail Complaints are addressed immediately)
  • Record of Complaints and action taken are put up daily to the Senior Management for perusal and guidance
  • Competitive rates

Our Services

  • Security Guards / Gun mans
  • Executive Protection / Close Protection
  • Escort Services
  • Event Protection
  • Investigations
  • Warehouse security
  • Mobile Patrolling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industrial security
  • Construction security
  • CIT

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